by Orion Networks of Louisville and it's owner Rick Shaheen
Why Is This Website Here:
We did business with Rick Shaheen of Orion Networks of Louisville. We feel he has lied to us, cheated us and damaged our business through incompetent IT work. We are not willing to accuse Rick Shaheen of these things so we want people to read about our situation and vote at the bottom of each page to show us your feelings. We hope that public attention will force Rick Shaheen to take back the products he sold to us and give us a full refund. Please read and vote.

The Flood:

Our medical office had a major flooding event September 2014 at the Outpatient Care Center at Jewish Hospital in Louisville Kentucky. Various pieces of our computer equipment got soaked and needed to be replace pretty quickly so as not to harm patient care and our business in general. Our IT vendor at that time was a local company called Orion Networks with their office at 13271 O'Bannon Station Way, Louisville KY 40223 (www.OrionNetworksIt.com). Orion assigned our job to Frank Lopez, a co-owner of the company and a person described to me as very intelligent for all IT work as well as Cisco Telephony. Subsequently the owner Rick Shaheen backtracked on that claim and said he was very good on Cisco Telephony but not so good on general IT issues (so why was he assigned to this job?) Frank knew of the predicament we were in and knew that it was imperative for us to be up and running as quickly as possible. We put our trust in Orion Networks and ultimately lived to regret that decision.

The Orion Solution:

Frank Lopez e-mailed me his thoughts and also discussed this on the telephone. He gave us two options. His leading option was to install a new computer server and configure it with multiple "virtual computers" on the same machine. There were to be a minimum of 6 "virtual computers" running on this server and the only admonition Frank made was that this solution was more expensive than just replacing the damaged computers but he said it would be cheaper in the long term to upgrade, backup, etc. I accepted his proposal on 9/6/2014 at 5:37 AM and it was fully paid within several days.
media/Lopez 20140903 1735.pdf
media/Lopez 20140903 1817.pdf
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media/Lopez 20140903 1821.pdf
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media/Lopez 20141021 1041.pdf
Screen shots of some of the e-mails between Frank Lopez and our office:

The Orion Mission Statement on their site:

As you read over this material, ask yourself "how did Orion get things so very wrong? Or is their mission statement just marketing?"

The Orion Deal:

Here is a copy of the actual invoice.

The Orion Stumbles:

The major issues with Orion's work started right at the very beginning and only got worse with time. For the moment I will make a list of the issues and over time I'll flesh this out with greater detail.
  1. Act! Software made by Swiftpages.com is a major part of our business software, allowing us to efficiently communicate with our patients all over the world. Act! is currently on Version 17 of their software and we have used it since Version 2. Clearly for us, this software provides a huge ability to do our work and our inability to use this product would have been a "deal-killer" with going forward with Orion on this project. Frank Lopez and Rick Shaheen (owners) both knew what software packages we were using and it was part of the original conversation and deal to move all of our data and software to the new platform quickly to make us whole.
    Turns out Orion Networks did not do their due-diligence on this issue as Act! Software does not support "virtual computers", the very solution Orion Networks sold to us. All one needed to do was to look on Act! web-page or speak with an Act! tech support person to find out that they DO NOT SUPPORT DESKTOP VIRTUALIZATION. In retrospect, I would now assume that Frank Lopez figured this out quickly as he sent me an e-mail on 10/10/2014 speaking poorly about the software and starting to nudge me into thinking about some un-named new software. There would have been major obstacles to changing a database with 50,000+ contacts and over 500,000 attached e-mails amongst other data.
    Shortly after Frank Lopez's e-mail to me, he and Rick Shaheen had a serious falling out and Frank left the company under terms that could not be discussed publicly but appears to have involved an approximate 6 figure settlement from Rick Shaheen to Frank Lopez. That is the last help I got from Frank Lopez and only recently have been able to track him down to ask some questions about my failed job from Orion Networks.
    From that 10/10/2014 e-mail until May 2015, Rick Shaheen ignored Frank's tip or anything to do with the Act! Software people and tried to "whip a dead horse" to make the software work properly in an environment it was not designed for but ultimately he gave up and quit trying.
    Orion finally discovers Act Software will not work Check yellow highlighted areas.

  2. Anti-virus software was removed by Orion Networks but ultimately they tried to reinstall it on all of our servers and workstations. The reinstall did not work properly on an important server which Rick Shaheen left in the "broken" state. On 6/16/2015 he was asked to fix this "broken state" but chose to ignore my request and left our server open for a virus attack. What kind of IT company would leave a client open to an attack? Shameful!
    Link to Sophos supporting document. Check yellow highlighted areas on Rich Shaheen's magical invoice that only appeared once he was pissed off.

  3. Dell Appassure backup software was uninstalled by Orion Networks but ultimately reinstalled once they failed to be able to make our database work properly. Things didn't work properly after this install and Orion spent lots of time trying to repair things. Ultimately I called the tech support folks at Dell and over 2-3 extended calls was able to rectify what Orion left improperly working. Orion then had the audacity to bill me for thousands of dollars for their time working to correct what they broke. Now in what parallel universe does anyone have the "stones" to charge a customer for something that they broke? Shameful!
    Link to Appassure supporting document. Check yellow highlighted areas on Rich Shaheen's magical invoice that only appeared once he was pissed off.

  4. A PNC check scanner was attached to our office managers computer at the time of the flood. Once Orion installed their "thin client" computers, this vital piece of equipment stopped working. For that matter, they could not get the USB port to recognize an ordinary thumb drive, a digital camera or a USB printer. We were unable to write checks to pay people with the computer as we have done for years and were forced to write checks with pen and ink. They ultimately ordered another connecting piece of hardware to make all of the USB devices work with the "thin clients" but for some reason they never installed it leaving us broken. From 9/2015 until Orion Networks quit the job and abandoned us in June of 2015 we had to drive to the bank weekly just to deposit checks. This problem ultimately was fixed when Dr. Levin installed all new equipment, purchased off the shelf with new money we had to provide from Costco. Dr. Levin, single handed was able to get the whole shooting match repaired with Costco equipment within a 10 days period of time, all while doing his regular patient care duties. Orion worked from 9/2015 until 6/2015 and nothing was left working in a proper fashion. Shameful!
  5. Orion had originally agreed to move our large database and attached files to a "virtual computer". Never even attempted. Shameful!

  6. Just like Orion could not get our Act! software to register or function, they had the same issue with Adobe Acrobat, another important piece of software. Adobe is one of the major American software companies, so a situation where their software would not register or function is a very big deal. It appears that Orion did not do their due diligence checking whether or not the software we were using would run on the platform Orion was selling. It didn't work properly and Rick Shaheen seems not to care at all. Shameful!
    In the voice recording below, Mr. Shaheen refers to the Act! Software not registering. If it cannot register then the software goes dead after a short "trial phase" and then we're screwed. He talks like this is an Act! issue but that is part of being an IT expert. You have to know the limitations of the software and hardware you are selling and Mr. Shaheen did not pay attention and it cost us big, while Rick Shaheen trys to skate away with our money. Shame on you Rick Shaheen.

  7. Orion's agent/owner, Frank Lopez sold us "Linux thin clients" to be used in a "Windows" environment. Ultimately when these would not work properly, Owner Rick Shaheen told us he would give us a refund for the 3 "thin clients" and give us 3 "Windows think clients. None of this ever happened and none of the equipment ever worked as sold to us. Shameful!

  8. This is what $13,938.71 worth of useless Orion Networks hardware and software looks like. This stuff doesn't even make a good paper weight. Doing business with Orion Networks of Louisville could leave you screwed just like us. Be careful if you are thinking of working with these people.

The Orion Admission of Failure:

A voice file of Rick Shaheen clearly stating that "I don't know what else to do" is posted below. Once we realized that Rick Shaheen admitted to not being able to make the job work we decided to take things back under our control and effect a workable solution. This was done within 10 working days by Dr. Levin and everything was made to work properly. We think Orion Networks lacks a lot of skills considering they could not even make a job work that they sold to us and that they engineered themselves. Shameful!
Possible fix but will cost the customer even more! Check the yellow highlighted areas.
Shaheen about to throw in the towel Check the yellow highlighted areas.


  The audio file to the left is a conversation between Rick Shaheen and Dr. Levin. In this audio he clearly is at wits end and states that he doesn't know what else to do to make things work. He does say that if we spend more money that there is a solution and he is sure of that. I reminded him that he said similar things three weeks earlier and then it all went to hell and the job was back at square one. He and I both talk in circles for about 30 minutes. My take away of this conversation is that "if, if, if your mother had balls, then she would be your father". The fact is that Orion took on the job on 9/6/2014 and as of the time they showed their asses and quit the job everything that they had done did not work properly. If you can suffer through this 30 minute recording you would likely never do business with Rick Shaheen or Orion Networks.


The Orion Kiss-off because we hurt Rick Shaheen's feelings:

Check this out! We threatened to get "ugly" and Rick Shaheen got his panties in a bunch. How the heck does he think we feel?
The kiss-off e-mail from Orion

The Defamation Threat From Orion's Lawyer:

Rick Shaheen apparently got his feelings hurt from an e-mail we sent him. In that e-mail he was being taken to task over taking our money and in return giving us $13,938.71 worth of hardware and software that he could never make do the job for which he was paid. A fairly simple remark seems to have pissed him off so his lawyer threatened to sue us for defamation. She said Mr. Shaheen would let us out of such a suit if:
  • Our medical office would just walk away and not require Orion and Rick Shaheen to complete the job they could not make work and which they receive $13,938.71 .

  • Mr. Shaheen would walk away from the $15,000 of charges that were NEVER billed to us but magically appeared once he was pissed off. If one reviews this list of items it reflects the "fixed price contract" items or items that were broken at the hands of the Orion team. Where we come from every knows that "if you broke it, you pay for it". Does Rick Shaheen live in some parallel universe where the rules are different?

  • A mutual release would be signed by both parties.
So what do you think our answer was? You got it. Give us back our $13,938.71 and then we can talk. Honestly with all of the business damage and time and aggravation we have gone through they should be paying us damages. Instead, Orion Networks and Rick Shaheen are willing to have their names discussed in Louisville in a poor light. It's hard to imagine how anyone could give this type of service and expect to survive in business.

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